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Corporate Competency Library Development

An up-to-date library of skills can improve the quality of recruitment, expand the capacities of employee assessments, and improve the efficiency of training and internal training sessions. A competency library will contain information on the main skills required for each employee to successfully complete tasks according to your company’s strategic development plan.

Personnel Assessment

Integrated assessment and testing are based on our technological solutions; assessment programs are used for key positions. As a result, a report on each employee will be issued. It will contain information on their current skills development, their adequacy for the job, and their development potential.

Integrated personnel assessment can:

  • Give you data on employee potential in order to facilitate efficient staff turnover and establish a personnel reserve
  • Cut recruitment and onboarding expenses; reduce turnover rates by using an internal rotation.
  • Create on-the-job employee development and training programs, enhance staff motivation, staff involvement and professional effectiveness.

Corporate Training and Personnel Development

DET will create personalized training and development programs for your employees that take their personal development plans into consideration. It will make recommendations according to the learning package selected: they will conform to the specialist’s level of training, and the volumes and types of studies recommended. It will organize continual staff training to improve their skills.

You will be able to adjust the scope of each employee’s tuition by selecting the content size and type of learning package, and specifying the staff development plan by adding the skills that need immediate updating in their curriculum. You will get full access to your employees’ learning statistics including the current progress and assessment list for their skills development.

Technological Solutions for Educational Institutions

DET offers a wide range of services for universities and other educational institutions to help them address issues related to implementing e-learning. With us, you will be able to:

  • Transfer all the stages of the learning process to a digital environment; effectively apply adaptive courses in practice

  • Digitize your current courses: you can do it all independently, or with our help

  • Make money from selling courses to both students and other educational institutions

  • The modular design of our technology platform easily integrates into a client’s existing IT infrastructure, configures data import and export with other student management systems, and solves nearly any other problem.