Founder’s speech

Dear Sir or Madam,
Please take the time to read this open letter. I hope it will help you understand my views, and perhaps we can even join forces on the path to the establishment of New Education.

We live in an unprecedented time where knowledge doubles every several years, and soon will do the same every several months. The world is seeking out and defining new strategies of economic stability and social development. Yesterday’s economic doctrines and practices are decaying right in front of our eyes, giving rise to a new knowledge-based economy. But what exactly is new about it?

It’s simple: the days when a university diploma and additional training courses once every five years was enough to work till retirement are gone forever. The needs of the economy are changing so rapidly that not only the traditional workplace is disappearing, but the very idea of professions. We must be ready to change specialties several times, continuously retarget and retrain ourselves, receive new skills and configure them in different ways. Labor is becoming increasingly knowledge-based. Perpetual work with information and ongoing education determine the vectors of innovative development and set the new operation parameters for economic systems.

What are these parameters?

Today, a product first and foremost means a highly intellectual product, a mix of intelligence and high qualification. The main resource of capital is human capital and its carrier in the form of qualified, continuously developing workers, rather than finances, buildings, equipment and metals. Under such conditions, an individual is an inherent value, and their unique contribution and specific education are crucial. The educational community produces value and represents a value as never before.

It is precisely in education where the most interesting developments have been observed in the last 15 years. The digital environment, electronic textbooks and courses, platforms for content and training arrangement, and new tools for assessment and support have appeared. Today, you can get secondary, higher or additional education at the perfect temp no matter where you are in the world.

The new results show online education as so much more than an enforced, weaker alternative to a traditional education because the latter, among other things, is for many reasons irretrievably and significantly decreasing in quality. The top higher educational establishments and schools now act as customers and co-authors of new electronic educational technologies that set high standards to secure their further leadership in the market. The first steps have already been taken, it is time for a technological breakthrough.

Our task is to open the windows of technological capabilities: we provide professional expertise, integration and innovative solutions!

The priority areas of the company are as follows:

Blended learning, where traditional and digital educations are combined, adding to and enhancing one another. From an evolutionary standpoint, this is a necessary form. We are the first generation to live at the time of the New Education, and the ability to learn without any «living» external control and support is still being formed.

Technologies and tools to create adaptive non-linear materials. The future is in these learning materials rather than digital textbooks. Thanks exclusively to new learning material technologies, the new concept of a flipped classroom is trending, where students learn material independently before or during lessons. Our generation and our children are increasingly able to think individually, absorb information better, and soak up more if content is based on our preferences, learning style and current state at the moment of learning.

Technologies and tools to create interactive educational video materials. Dozens of interactive components, and we are more than just viewers and listeners. Strategically, a video with text solves another task, as people will definitely pay enough attention to watch it till the end. Interactive fields for comments, and the option to add photos and graphics form the required level of involvement and understanding. This technology works for students who can easily fall asleep in the audience even during lectures from Berkeley or Stanford professors. They can’t stand just looking at a talking head and a blackboard anymore. They always need to be doing something, touch something, react to the material by moving, writing and drawing.

Technologies to create educational mobile apps and micro-courses. These are essential to implement the concept of continuous education. They provide the option to improve an individual’s knowledge base and skills at any time in a targeted, selective way.

Intellectual products that prevent fraud during identification, learning and exams. This is the priority area in the context of the creation of an ethically ideal learning environment, authentic and real process and monetization of digital education.

Open intuitive platforms. They represent the Next Generation Education; a true breakthrough compared to learning management systems. Schools and higher educational institutes are no longer hostage to ready-made textbooks uploaded to a learning platform one time and that’s it. Educational structures receive freedom when developing the content of their courses, adding any necessary content elements to a ready-made program. Teachers who know the particular requests of their students best of all are the most productive co-authors of training. Virtual assistants help decrease the burden on teachers to improve their concentration on underlying tasks.

To become a leader in a world where supermen are required for super tasks is a powerful incentive and unprecedented carrot on a stick for the entire educational sector! I know our team can improve the market with its unique ideas. We’re dedicated to making a difference!

Sincerely yours,
Investor, Inventor, Digital Education Technology Founder
Alexander Yuryev