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Use the full potential of advanced adaptive learning technologies in order to solve your educational issues

Key Benefits of Our Platform

An amalgamation of various learning styles

The system offers different learning techniques according to the needs of the educational institution or student:

Supervised learning

Nearly every traditional teaching tool is available to the teacher: a board, a pointer, a highlighter, a raise-your-hand function, communication in class, multiple video-data streaming support, etc.


Using adaptive learning courses can increase student engagement as well as improve the efficiency and quality of the education.

Blended learning

A student can study lessons with a teacher and get homework for self-study.

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Integrated student profile

A student’s profile contains consolidated information about their education and desired career path. Over the course of the learning process, a history of covered material and acquired skills updated along with their attendance and assessment records and any diplomas or certificates received.

The education profile is a centralized data resource documenting all of the skills a student possesses: it may be useful for educational institutions along with recruitment departments and recruitment agencies. Major corporations can use the profile information to automate the objective setting process.

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The analytics system collects and analyzes a huge volume of data for all stages of learning. The data collected allow specialists to continually improve and personalize the learning content; it also gives teachers the opportunity to access online information about a student in order to identify problem areas and swiftly adjust the learning process. Importing data from other education systems, social networks and data platforms is also supported.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual guide and assistant using voice-recognition and artificial intelligence technologies introduces a convenient interface that allows students to interact with the platform via sustained dialogue in a chat. Using close interaction in messengers, browsers and other software and hardware environments, the assistant will recommend, remind and collect information about students, thus making learning more personalized while building this process into their life.

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Companies that hire new employees tend to face complications when verifying documents. Our platform can solve this problem. The student’s integrated profile, assessment lists, diplomas and certificates are all kept in a blockchain network which makes forging and compromising impossible.

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