Learning Content Distribution

Improve the quality of your learning process using adaptive courses

Sell or exchange educational content with other educational institutions

Create adaptive courses


Through your platform

Using DET's Digital University

Save training time, improve quality of training and student engagement

Distribution system

Our distribution system can build efficient and secure information and learning content exchange processes.

If you already have your own LMS system and want to start working with adaptive courses, you do not need to change your system. DET Solutions maintains several integration options:

  • Flexible integration with API based on our standard for LTI-compatible distribution of adaptive content. It adjusts to any client requirement, thus making it possible to manage the integration process flexibly at any level.

  • Cross-functional integration does not require any particular technical knowledge: embed our courses into any classroom on any device is as easy as inserting a YouTube embed code.

Content Monetization

Any educational institution using our technologies to create their own learning content with the help of our platform can also develop a monetization channel thanks to commercial content distribution to other organizations.

A flexible pricing policy means several distribution models can be used: both the purchase of a particular course and a subscription to its updates.


In collaboration with GZY University​, we are developing a community of experts and developers that focus on learning content based on DET standards.

Customized Courses

Companies, educational institutions and students themselves can order a course to be created by the global community of experts and specialists.

The community of learning content experts and developers is a synergy of people united by the same ideology and goal to make education affordable and cutting edge. We realize that education demands a revolutionary approach and interaction between people.

Our community is open to specialists, experts, company executives, publishers and copyright owners around the world.

Join us right now and make a contribution to the future of education!