We are creating hi-tech solutions for any type of study, whether for corporate training, job training, or university and school education. We use AI, computerized learning and adaptive learning content.

Our values and principles

  • Professional skills development

    We participate in key educational events and organize closed-door sessions with experts for our employees

  • Task Diversity

    We apply a special approach to our employees: everyone continually works to obtain new skills

  • Clear Career Path

    We are a rapidly developing company with clear indicators of professional growth, expectations and work criteria

  • Free Planning

    You create your own working schedule based on the assumption that your tasks are completed on time and with the highest quality

Our Offices

Saint Petersburg


Here's what our employees say about working for us

What I appreciate most about DET is the possibility to work in multinational team, with my colleagues from different countries. It’s incredibly awesome how in spite of the distance and all cultural differences between us we still get along well and reach high productivity at work. 中国!

Yana Prezheplyasko, Content-manager

We are a team of highly qualified like-minded professionals whose job is their passion. As we drink coffee with cookies, we discuss ideas and concepts, share discoveries, useful resources, books and news from exhibits and webinars. We are young and full of life, we plan skiing and snowboarding weekends, go out for movies and karaoke, play board games. Mutual support is what makes us one. It is a dream team and a dream job!

Svetlana Gromova, Head of Academic Department

I am working in the company just for a week, but already now it is clear to see that everyone is super adequate and friendly. It’s a pure pleasure to work in such a good team. You feel that you are in tune with people and you do something important together.

Darya Timoshina, Methodist

We are the young project open for the new ideas and free from the legacy code. We are writing reliable and clean Code, applying high Technologies and modern approaches in a Software Development. Among other things, we are exacting to Quality and Reliability of all services, and our Regulations includes Testing at each programming level. One more desirable moment — a paid training and an access to conferences and seminars are provided by the Company.

Sergey Meneyluk, Senior Developer

We're Hiring

We are growing quickly. If there are no openings that suit you, but you are still interested in what we are doing, send your resume to us:

Learning content

How to Get Hired

  • 1

    Send us your resume

    Describe your work experience in detail. We will reply within three days.

  • 2


    We will invite you to our office or offer a Skype interview. There will be one or two meetings.

  • 3


    If both sides agree on all aspects, we are ready to hire you within 3 days. We make decisions quickly.