About us

How it all started

We launched our company in 2013 with a small but ambitious online English language school project for China. Through trial and error, hard work and creative insights, this idea has acquired new methodological and functional components over the past years.

The project we created has become an innovative educational platform with a rich catalog of courses, an extensive media library and an effective trainer for learning foreign words, based on the results of the mechanism of memorization and other cognitive processes studies.

Few years later, this project has developed into a full-fledged online university, offering an effective approach to learning, modern and diverse educational content and its availability on all devices – for students, and new tools for transferring knowledge, training skills and convenient methods for monitoring and assessing students – for teachers.

While working on our projects, we have gathered a highly qualified, passionate international team of methodologists and developers.  We’ve also received licenses to work in the educational sphere in China and started our activity on Russian corporate market.

We have certainly grown professionally, as we have successfully solved lots of non-trivial tasks that we encountered.

What are we doing now

Today Digital Education Technology is a team that unites IT and Education specialists from different countries. We create a unique system for effective, personalized, adaptive learning.


Now it’s not just a digital school or online courses that solve a narrow range of issues, but a complex integrator of modern educational solutions, that combines modern technologies and high-quality educational content.


This system is suitable for schools and universities, professional courses and corporate education, individual authors, researchers and coaches, and can complement any LMS or other educational platform.

Our mission

We strive to make education accessible, effective and relevant for all people in the world, regardless of their location, personality and social class.