Educational Software

We create reliable and effective educational solutions that utilize adaptive learning and artificial intelligence.

Adaptive learning content

Create courses that can be adapted to an individual student’s learning style, pace, a manner of absorbing and digesting information, and cognitive abilities. Boost learning efficiency and quality, increase student engagement.

Adaptive Content Standard
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Analytics & Online Progress Assessment

Take learning content to a new level of quality by using powerful and flexible online learning analytics tools.

How We Work With the Data
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Continuous Learning

Integrate the learning process into student lives. Students can start learning at home on their tablets, continue on their smartphones while on their way to work, and then switch to the desktop web-version during their breaks.

More About Our Solutions
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Education that solves business problems

Our goal is to create education that is focused on solving real business problems. That’s why apart from tech solutions, DET offers a wide range of personnel assessment and training services. We are developing personnel assessment techniques, competency maps, and skill maps; we also make recommendations and devise courses for employee training and development programs.

Find Out How We Solve Your Problems

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