About Us

Who are we?

Digital Education Technology is a team of talented developers, teachers and specialists from around the globe. We are creating a universal online platform for personalized adaptive learning. It is suitable for schools, higher-education establishments, professional training courses and corporate training; it can supplement LMS and other educational platforms.

What's our mission?

We want to make the education accessible, highly effective and relevant for every people in the world regardless of their location and socioeconomic class.

What's the idea?

Effective learning is individualized learning. This means that previous experience must also be taken into consideration as well as a student’s level of knowledge, their learning speed, their interests and motivation, their attention span and tendency to tire. We use the following to achieve this:

  • Technological innovations. Artificial Intelligence and computerized learning algorithms that adjust each subsequent stage of the course to a particular student.

  • Pedagogy and education innovations. We are developing our own methodology and new format for adaptive learning content. We divide material into small chunks, so-called micro-steps which the system uses to create individual courses.

What have we already done?

We started in 2016, and launched an online linguistics university in China to test whether our idea was feasible. The English language market in China represents one-fifth of the global online education market: it is already worth more than 21 billion dollars, and this doubles annually.

We created a complex educational tool that allows you to design your own course, use virtual classrooms and modern vocabulary training. During the project we:

  • Assembled an international team of methodologists and developers;
  • Were obtained licenses that confirmed our competency in the field of educational activities in China;
  • Grew professionally after completing a number of unconventional tasks;
  • Increased the company's capitalization;
  • Entered the Russian corporate market.

What are we doing now?

We are developing technological solutions in corporate education for major companies in Russia, applying our innovative technology and methodology. Our next step is to create an intelligent educational platform that can be used by any teacher, company, student or employee.

What do we value the most?

There are a few values we hold dear:

  • We believe in the shared idea
  • We believe in equal human potential
  • Sincerity and honesty
  • Bravery
  • Mutual aid